There are all kinds of things that we believe set SMM apart from the crowd — our culture, our process, our passion for creating remarkable and measurable campaigns. But those are just nice words unless you can back them up with the work you've done. We think you'll agree that we can.

The Cloud

It’s not so much a place as it is a process. The Cloud is an informal setting where we collaborate with a current or prospective client on the nature of their brand - who it is, and who it can become. That’s right, who. Continuing to think of a brand as a “what” is missing the point of digital and social media. Brands are no longer monoliths; they are grown through relationships and engagement. A brand is a living and evolving entity. To humanize a brand is to make it relevant to everyone it touches, and invite them into a continuing conversation that builds customer loyalty.

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Searching for Analogs in a Digital World

It’s been over a year ago since I first blogged on the subject of Big Data, and I‘ve had time to further consider the fundamental changes an unbounded supply of consumer information will have on marketing. For decades we have concentrated on marketing to a demographic; in the future we will be marketing to individuals. That entails a basic revision to ...READ MORE

New P-words to Ponder

My most recent blog dealt with the inadequacies I see in the traditional marketing model that is still being taught in business schools everywhere. Specifically, I asserted that the classical four Ps – Product, Place, Price, Promotion – together with the more recently added Packaging, Positioning and People, can no longer be treated as independent variables in the burgeoning digital economy ...READ MORE

SMM President Charlie MacLeod interviewed by LIBN (Long Island Business News)

SMM Advertising’s President, Charlie MacLeod, was recently interviewed by LIBN. “There’s a lot going on in the advertising world, with plenty of changes afoot – including the name of one of the region’s better-known ad firms: Smithtown-based Sanna Mattson MacLeod has rebranded itself SMM Advertising. READ MORE